3 Reasons Your Android Apps Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

lucky patcher appThere was previously a period when iPhones seemed like that they virtually no competition in terms of features and design, although not anymore! Android could have been a late entrant towards the smart phone market once the first model appeared in Q4 of 2008, but over the past four years, Google has been working with manufacturing partners such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola while others to get out devices that sometimes outshine Apple’s iPhone with regards to features and design.

The extraordinary multitasking capacity with this phone can be caused by its dual core MTK6577 ARMv7 Cortex-A9 processor at a speed of 1 GHz. Which means you can juggle simultaneous applications with no glitch. It has a PowerVR SGX531 Ultra GPU for execution of 2D and 3D graphics and yes it takes hardcore gaming to another level. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be the running OS because of this phone.

Performance-wise, its ARM 768MHz processor struggles to manage track of 3-4 apps running in the shadows. Battery life is downright pathetic also. I was able to get mere 2.5 hours of runtime also to increase the risk for matters worse, the S7 just won’t charge via USB. You are forced to carry that silly proprietary charger with you constantly to maintain the machine charged up.

With Super AMOLED display technology, it’ll make all of your viewing experiences a new amount of goodness. It will be unlike what you have ever seen. The colours from the pictures seem like they burst away from its screen, each one of these rich and bright. Watching videos and animations from your Samsung Galaxy S series using the Super AMOLED displays is really an incredible experience as every one of the movements of the videos and animations are very beautiful and fluid. This is especially true when watching animations. With the Super AMOLED display, every one of the animations seem lively and also have a life of its own. The movements from the animations are smooth and similar to true to life.

The HTC Corporation has hundreds of phones, all serving the identical purpose. If it’s for business e-mails, watching YouTube videos or just personal calling and web browsing, the HTC Desire is the better option. Not only will the functions make you fall madly in love, however the you get from HTC will allow you to love the phone as well.

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