Are flights through Hong Kong Cancelled?

American Airlines has extended its suspension of flights to Hong Kong due to a “reduction in demand” amid the coronavirus outbreak. The US carrier said it will stop flying to China and Hong Kong from its Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and Los Angeles (LAX) hubs. Flights between LAX and HKG are suspended through April 24.

American Airlines said on Tuesday that it was suspending service to Hong Kong through February 20. Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways said on Tuesday that it would cut 90% of its flights to mainland China, and 30% of its capacity globally, due to the sharp fall in demand.

Likewise, are Hong Kong flights affected? Hong Kong International Airport reopens, still more than 200 flights canceled. Hong Kong’s airport reopened on Tuesday but its administrator warned that flight movements would still be affected, after China said widespread anti-government protests that halted flights a day earlier showed “sprouts of terrorism.”

Similarly, are flights still going into Hong Kong?

In general, yes. Airlines are still flying in and out of Hong Kong. However, when protesters occupied Hong Kong International Airport on August 11 and 12, nearly 1,000 flights were disrupted, according to the Airport Authority’s Lam Tin-fuk.

What happens if Cathay Pacific flight is Cancelled?

If you need to cancel the flight entirely, tickets can be rebooked on the Cathay Pacific website. You’ll be asked to pay a rebooking fee and a handling charge, depending on the type of ticket you purchased.

Is Hong Kong safe to travel now?

Naturally, all of the above has people wondering if it’s safe to visit Hong Kong right now. The short answer: mostly yes for tourists, but life in Hong Kong is no longer simple and care must be paid at every juncture. With all the transit disruptions and street closures, it may not be all that fun to visit either.

Is it safe to travel to Hong Kong September 2019?

Originally Answered: Is it safe for a foreigner to visit Hong Kong in September 2019 for tourism or work? No problem at all. Airport is relatively calm nowadays. Stay out of the way of the police (who are the really dangerous ones), ie out of the way of the protests, and you’ll be fine.

Can I bring my vape to Hong Kong 2019?

Hong Kong has failed to ban vape in 2019.

Is Cathay Pacific a safe airline?

Cathay Pacific is one of only a few airlines to have maintained an award winning full service in-flight product and virtually flawless safety rating over the last few decades making it one of’s favourite.

Is it safe to fly via Hong Kong airport?

The FCO is warning visitors to “remain vigilant” and follow the advice of the local authorities to move away to a safe place. “You should be prepared that the situation around protests and public gatherings could change quickly, with the potential for significant violence,” it says.