Can condos restrict pets?

Many condos have rules about pets, and some condos even ban them outright. However, the general rule of thumb is that condominium corporations can pass declarations and by-laws that restrict or ban pets, and owners are required to follow them (most of the time).

Pet restrictions do not belong in the by-laws. In Ontario rental buildings, it is illegal under the Residential Tenancies Act to prohibit pets. However, it is legal for condos to do so if the prohibition is in the declaration. Some condo boards have passed rules banning dogs from the corporation’s property.

Also Know, can condos restrict pets Toronto? The convoluted answer is yes — and no. While all pet-owning condo residents should strive to make the environment comfortable for all — by picking up after your pet and keeping your dog from barking incessantly — how condos enforce pet rules can vary from building-to-building.

Accordingly, can condo association ban pets?

Your condominium rules prohibit pets of any kind except fish and birds. A unit owner asks the board of directors to allow them to keep a dog because they need the comfort the animal gives them. Not even a condominium can prohibit such an animal because the owner has to rely on it everywhere. It is not a pet.

Can a condo board force you to sell?

While condo boards don’t have the legal authority to evict owners and force them to sell their units, they can ask the courts to intervene in extraordinary circumstances where the behaviour of one person is affecting the entire condo community.

What happens if you break a condo association rule?

If you break the homeowners’ association rules, you may have to deal with fines, liens, and various other consequences. Additionally, any action by the HOA must also comply with any applicable state (and federal) laws.

Can a condo property manager enter my unit without notice?

If there is an emergency, like a fire, management may be able to enter a unit immediately or without notice. The rules that govern entry into an owner’s unit by agent of the condominium corporation will be set out in the condominium’s declaration, by-laws and rules.

Can a condo board evict a dog?

If your condominium bylaws prohibit pets, the condominium board can take steps to evict your pet from the building. However, any pets that had previously been approved by the Board could remain in the building. The cat owner could not produce any documentation indicating that the Board had previously approved her cat.

Can you change things in a condo?

The owner is ordinarily allowed to make changes to the inside of the condo unit: paint, install new carpeting, or renovate the kitchen. You don’t own anything outside of your condo unit, however, not even the exterior walls.

Do condos allow large dogs?

While many condominiums allow pets, there are often rules in place that limit the number and size of pets permitted. In cases where there is a size restriction, large dogs are not allowed. Often a rule will specify that a dog must not exceed either a specified height or weight.

What are the rights of condo owners?

Among the legal rights for condo owners is the right to protest changes, vote for or against changes, and apply to the board for permission to perform an action that would normally be against the regulations.

When Can a condo association enter your unit?

The HOA typically can send someone to enter an owner’s unit to perform common element inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Commonly an HOA must notify the owner a week or two prior to entering.

Can a condo board evict an owner Ontario?

Ontario’s current Condominium Act does not give a condominium corporation the power to evict an owner or to force an owner to sell his or her unit.

Can my HOA deny my emotional support animal?

The Fair Housing ActPets and HOAs This means that if a resident has a prescribed emotional support animal, and the community doesn’t allow animals, the community cannot discriminate against them, and they must allow the animal. This law supersedes all HOA rules and regulations.

Can a condo association deny an emotional support animal?

A service animal helps blind or deaf people; if that’s the situation, your condo board cannot prohibit or restrict the service animal, which is usually a dog. However, an emotional support animal is different. The unit owner claiming the need for such support has the burden to prove it is real and necessary.

Can a HOA make you get rid of your dog?

I was reading Civil Code 4715, which says associations can no longer prohibit owners from having a pet (defined as any domesticated bird, cat or dog). The HOA fined us and made us get rid of the dog.

Can you opt out of condo fees?

No, you cannot opt out of paying certain condo fees even if you don’t use specific amenities. If you don’t use the pool, the gym and the entertainment room, you still have to pay the same “per square foot” fee as every other owner.

How do you enforce condo rules?

Here are some steps that a condo board can take if the bylaws are not followed. Step 1: Address the matter right away. If a board is aware of a bylaw breach, the board cannot ignore it. Step 2: Gather information. Step 3: Communicate with the parties. Step 4: Reassess the matter. Step 5: Consider court action.

Do townhomes allow pets?

Ask for apartment or HOA rules While a single-family home is likely to provide your pet with the most freedom, a townhouse, apartment or condominium may be what fits your budget. Some HOAs will allow pets but restrict them to certain areas on the property. You may face fines for violating the rules and bylaws.