Can you use Spellbinders dies with cuttlebug?

Can I use Spellbinders with my Cuttlebug or do I have to have a Spellbinders machine to get consistent and easy cuts? Yes you can use your Cuttlebug – I do! But for those intricate dies, you need a metal shim. You just add it to your sandwich on the back of the die.

The Cricut Cuttlebug can accommodate dies and embossing folders from a variety of manufacturers.

Beside above, are sizzix dies compatible with Spellbinders? The Sizzix® Adapter does allow the cutting of Spellbindersdies with the Sidekick™ & Tag-a-Long™, but this is limited to most Spellbinders™ Fonts or Mystery Dies, due to the limiting size of the Sizzix® Adapter. The Sidekick™ & Tag-a-Long™ do not allow for the embossing of Spellbindersdies.

what dies Can you use with the cuttlebug?

The Cricut Cuttlebug machine is compatible with most leading brands of dies and embossing folders. The B Plates – Cutting, A Plate – Spacer, and C Plate – Adapter (sold separately) are different thicknesses so that you can mix and match.

Can cuttlebug use sizzix dies?

You CAN Use Sizzix Dies in the Cuttlebug They can!

Is the cuttlebug being discontinued?

Cricut has announced that it has made the decision to discontinue its manual die cut machine, the Cuttlebug. The machine’s accessories, including dies and embossing folders, will also be discontinued. The machine and accessories are available at and other outlets while supplies last.

Do you need C plate for cuttlebug?

So now the Cuttlebug does not ship with a C plate. In PC’s mind, making people pay for the C plate makes everything okay.

Can I use sizzix embossing folders with cuttlebug?

More than 150 different Sizzix embossing folders and texture plates are available to choose from in a variety of sizes and styles. Then place the Sizzix embossing folder with the cardstock or pattern paper inside on top of the A plate. Finish the Cuttlebug sandwich stack with the Cuttlebug B plate.

What is cuttlebug C plate used for?

PROVO CRAFT-Cuttlebug Adaptor Plate C. Cutting Pad C is an adaptor for thicker dies from other die-cut systems. It is made of clear durable plastic and is 5.875×7. 75 inches.

Does sizzix magnetic platform work in cuttlebug?

Took my cuttlebug to Michaels and asked to try the sizzix magnetic platform and it was off by probably 1/16 of an inch. Just enough so it will NOT fit in cuttlebug.

What is a cuttlebug embossing folder?

Embossing folders are used in the Cricut Cuttlebug machine to add 3D texture to craft projects. They are plastic folders with various unique designs on them. Once the embossing process is over, you can then find the same design, which was on the embossing folder on your Cricut cardstock or other various materials.

What is the difference between cuttlebug and Cricut?

With both machines, you can cut a variety of materials from thin foam to chipboard. The only difference is the Cuttlebug is limited to material 1/8″ in depth, while the Cricut Explore can cut deeper using the deep cut blade.

What plates do you need for cuttlebug?

The Cuttlebug is a versatile cutting and embossing machine and is useful for scrapbooking, paper crafts and card crafts. To process, you will need to place your plates and materials in the following order: The “A” plate. The “B” plate. The embossing folder with the. paper placed inside it. A second “B” plate.

What embossing folders are compatible with cuttlebug?

You can use almost all Sizzix dies and embossing folders in the cuttlebug. The only And if you have the 12 inch platform you can use the long border dies. You can also use Quickutz/Lifestyle Crafts dies and embossing folders. You can also use the regular Nestabilities dies.

Can you use cuttlebug plates in big shot?

YES!!! The opening of the Big Shot is ever so slightly larger so use them since you have a supply. You may have to add shims to some of your sandwiches but so what.