Can you visit Godrevy lighthouse?

Godrevy Lighthouse Boat Trip, St Ives

Godrevy Lighthouse is fast becoming our most popular trip as not only do you get to see the lighthouse and hear the commentary about its history, but also see the colony of seals that live there.

Subsequently, question is, can you walk to Godrevy lighthouse? Easy – A short walk, with one stile and one gentle climb. This short walk has great views across St Ives Bay, and out to the lighthouse on Godrevy Island just off shore. Children will love the long beach, as well as the island and the lighthouse and the tales of shipwrecks.

Beside above, is Godrevy Lighthouse operational?

In 1995, the lighthouse was modernised and converted to solar powered operation. Godrevy is still listed by Trinity House as a lighthouse, and the tower is maintained by them as a daymark.

Where are the seals at Godrevy?

Grey Seals Their numbers begin increasing in the autumn and by January over 100 may be hauled out in Mutton Cove, located on the northern side of the headland. Good views of seals can be had looking down on Mutton Cove from the cliff edge close to the South West Coast Path.

Can dogs go on Godrevy beach?

Godrevy is a National Trust property with three Cornish beaches, two sandy and one sand and stone. Seasonal restrictions apply to dogs on the beaches (information on dog friendly beaches Cornwall) but there are many cliff top walks dogs can enjoy all year and they are allowed on the beaches after 7pm in the evening.

How long is Godrevy beach?

The 14-mile stretch of coast that runs westwards from the holiday resort of St Ives to the mining village of Pendeen, can lay proud claim to being the most startlingly beautiful in south-west England.

Can you walk from Hayle to St Ives?

The Hayle to St Ives walk is an extension of the previous walk; a circular walk which is just over 6 miles in total. However, you do have the option of getting a bus or train to Hayle and then walking back to St Ives.

Where are the GREY seals in Cornwall?

The best place to see seals is Mutton Cove at Godrevy Point in West Cornwall. At low tide, a resident colony of grey seals can be viewed in this protected sheltered bay from the cliff tops. During January it’s not uncommon to see around 100 seals hauled out on the sand and rocky outcrops below.

Where is the best place to see dolphins Cornwall?

So here are the top dolphin and sea-watching spots in Cornwall. Land’s end. Located – as you may have guessed – where the land of the country ends and meets the sea, West Cornwall’s Land’s End is a verified sea spotting hive. Looe Island. Pendennis Point. Porthcurno. River Fal and Helford. Falmouth Bay.