How do I apply for Contra Costa Health Insurance?

Applications are available from Health Care Options: call 1-800-430-4263. Complete information and application assistance is available through Contra Costa Health Plan’s Marketing office: 1-800-211-8040 Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Contra Costa Health Plan (CCHP) was the first federally qualified, state licensed, county sponsored HMO in the United States. CCHP has been serving the health needs of people in Contra Costa County for over 40 years, and now serves over 180,000 people.

Also Know, how do I apply for food stamps in Contra Costa County? In Contra Costa County you can apply for CalFresh in several different ways:

  1. Complete an online application from any computer 24 hours 7 days a week at
  2. Fax a completed application to (925) 608-4608.
  3. Mail a completed application to any district office listed below.

Regarding this, does Contra Costa Health Plan cover dental?

Medi-Cal covers dental services that are provided through Denti-Cal. To obtain a listing of Denti-Cal providers, call 1-800-322-6384 or visit the main Denti-Cal website.

How do I assign medical to Kaiser Permanente?

to make Kaiser Permanente your health care choice.

Apply for Medi-Cal

  1. Complete an application.
  2. Check the status of your application by contacting the county where you applied.
  3. Once you are approved by the county, select your health care plan and/or provider through the State.

Does my Medi cal cover dental?

?The Medi-Cal Dental Program covers a variety of dental services for Medi-Cal beneficiaries, such as: Diagnostic and preventive dental hygiene (e.g. examinations, x-rays, and teeth cleanings);

How do I check my medical status?

Call Medi-Cal Directly You can also check on your Medi-Cal status by calling the Medi-Cal hotline at (800) 541-5555.

Who is my medical caseworker?

?(800) 541-5555 Medi-Cal Members and Providers: If you have a question, need help, or need to report a problem, please call (800) 541-5555 (outside of California, please call (916) ?636-1980) for our Telephone Service Center. As a participant in the Medi-Cal program your feedback is important to us.

Where can I apply for Medi Cal?

How can I apply for Medi-Cal? You can apply online on This single application will let you know if you qualify for coverage through Covered California or Medi-Cal. You can also apply in person at your local county human services agency or by phone by calling Covered California at (800) 300-1506.

What does emergency Medi cal cover?

What is Emergency Medi-Cal? The purpose of Emergency Medi-Cal is to provide medical care for people who are in need of sudden treatment in emergency situations. Emergency Medi-Cal is only available for serious and sudden medical emergencies.

Is the food stamp office open on Saturdays?

This Saturday, both offices will be open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. During that time, they will only be helping those individuals requesting the benefits. All others will be seen during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

Where do I mail my CalFresh application?

Call Access at 1-(866) 262-9881 to request application forms. Access can mail an application to you. Send the completed application to your local Family Resource Center via U.S. mail or drop it off at your local Family Resource Center.

How do I contact CalFresh?

Contact the CalFresh Program We appreciate the time you have taken to visit our web site and providing feedback. THANK YOU! For information on how to apply for CalFresh benefits in your county, please call 1-877-847-3663.

Where can I find my Calfresh case number?

How to Get Your Food Stamp Case Number Locate the Proper Agency. Contact your local state government to find out which department issues food stamps if you don’t remember where you went to apply for the SNAP benefits. Call a Caseworker. Visit the Caseworker in Person. Use the Program’s Mobile App. Keep Your Case Number Safe. Consider Future Correspondence.

Will Kaiser see you without insurance?

It provides health, dental, and vision coverage to children who do not have insurance and do not qualify for free Medi-Cal. Funding is limited and there may be a waiting list for coverage. If you have no other source of coverage, check out Kaiser Permanente’s own Charitable Health Coverage programs.

Can you see a Kaiser doctor without insurance?

At Kaiser Permanente medical offices, you can see many specialists without a referral from your primary care doctor. Sometimes you may be asked to check with your primary care doctor first, even if your health plan does not require a referral.

Is Kaiser part of Medicaid?

Kaiser Permanente Colorado said Monday it has notified about 2,500 patients that it will no longer serve as a Medicaid provider in some areas of the state. Kaiser Permanente stopped providing health services as a Medicaid provider in its northern, southern and mountain service areas on June 30.

Is Medi cal federal or state?

Medi-Cal is a public health insurance program for low-income Californians. Medi-Cal—California’s Medicaid program—is a state-federal program that offers free or low-cost health coverage to Californians with low family incomes.

How much is insurance for Kaiser?

In 2018, Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found the average premium for single coverage was $575 per month, or $6,896 per year. The average premium for family coverage was $1,635 per month or $19,616 per year.