How do you make cool bracelets with string?

Four-Strand Round Braid

Four-Strand Round Braid Arrange four strands so you have two in each hand. Bring strand 4 behind strand 3; pull it between strands 1 and 2, and then to the right. Bring strand 1 behind strand 2; pull it between strands 4 and 3, and then to the left.

Additionally, how do you make a fishtail bracelet? Method 1 Making a Basic Fishtail Bracelet

  1. Measure around your wrist to determine how many bands you need.
  2. Twist 1 band into a figure-8.
  3. Slide the figure-8 over 2 pegs on your Rainbow Loom.
  4. Add 2 more bands but without twisting them.
  5. Pull the left end of the bottom band over the left peg.

Regarding this, how do you make rubber band bracelets with your fingers?

Method 1 Making a Basic Loom Bands Bracelet

  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Twist one band into a figure “8” and fold it over so it forms a circle.
  3. Pinch one band between your fingers.
  4. Pinch another band and slide it through the loops formed by band #2.
  5. Repeat the pinch and slide until bracelet is long enough.

How do friendship bracelets work?

As tradition goes, one gives a friendship bracelet to someone who has a wish. They then wear the bracelet until it’s worn out and falls off, at which point, the wish is said to come true. Friendship bracelets were originally solely made by tying knots with embroidery floss or yarn to create intricate patterns.

Why do friendship bracelets curl?

The biggest reason for twisting is that you are not doing two knots each time. My bracelets used to curl because I only did one knot. Now that I do 2 knots, my bracelets don’t curl. You might want to review the forward knot and backward knot instructions.