How do you turn on a heatilator?

Locate the control knob, push it in, and rotate so “pilot” is at the hash mark. While still pushing on the knob, press the igniter several times until it fires. Continue pushing in on the knob for about 30 seconds to ensure it stays lit. If it doesn’t light, wait five minutes and retry.

Heatilator fireplaces work by circulating air around a firebox and back into the room, so that the warmth of the fire will be dispersed throughout the home. With the flick of a switch, you can have a warm fire burning in the hearth without chopping or hauling wood and without kindling or building of the fire.

Secondly, how long does a heatilator last? The lifespan of a prefabricated fireplace is similar to other major appliances such as a range or refrigerator. Although they can last for as long as 20-30 years when well maintained, most masonry chimneys can last for generations. Unlike most masonry chimneys, prefabricated chimneys tend to come with warranties.

One may also ask, how do I turn my gas fireplace on?

How to Adjust a Gas Log Fireplace Flame

  1. Locate the gas log control knob.
  2. Light the gas logs by turning the control knob to the “pilot” setting.
  3. Release the control knob and allow the flame to burn for one minute.
  4. Locate the switch at the front of the gas logs marked “on.” Move the switch to the “on” setting to ignite the burners below the gas logs.

Is heatilator a good brand?

Heatilator is considered the best in the industry for a reason. As the #1 choice for builders across the nation, Heatilator offers beautiful gas & electric fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts. They have offered beautiful, efficient, and long lasting quality fireplace models since 1927.

Do fireplace blowers really work?

Function of a Fireplace Blower The purpose of a fireplace blower is to help circulate warm air throughout the room. It has a fan motor and baffles that allow it to do the job efficiently. The fan draws cool air in and heats it up inside the baffles before being forced out into the room.

What color should the flame on a gas fireplace be?

A healthy gas flame will burn steadily with a yellow or orange. If the flame is not yellow or orange it may be a sign that your gas fireplace needs adjusting or cleaning, which should be done by a qualified technician, such as those we have at Kozy Heat.

How much does a Heatilator fireplace cost?

For instance, the popular Heatilator Novus nXt costs a mere . 32 cents per hour* to operate. So, enjoying a fire for an entire evening can cost as little as $2.

Where do I find my Heatilator model number?

The model and serial numbers are located on a “rating plate,” which is a metal plate that’s usually permanently affixed to the fireplace, insert or stove. In gas fireplaces, the rating plate is found in the controls area.

How does a fireplace blower work?

A fireplace blower draws cold air from your home into the fire to fuel it and pushes hot air from the fire out into the room. This system helps heat from the fireplace to circulate in your home and makes your fireplace more efficient.

Can you cover heatilator vents?

Fans can be disconnected or removed, of course, but the vents are not intended to be covered or plugged.

What is a heatilator in a fireplace?

Heatilator fireplaces, also known as “old-style zero clearance fireplaces”, are a combination of heater and ventilator and are by their nature, fireplaces that circulate air. Smoke Chamber – The area above the fireplace and below the flue, used to allow smoke to mix and rise into the flue.

What is the small lever on my fireplace?

That lever is the fresh air inlet. When not using the fireplace, it should be closed to prevent cold air entering the house. The lever should go up or down and you can feel when air is entering to see which way is open or closed.

How do you start a gas fireplace for the first time?

If this is your first time lighting your gas fireplace, you should leave the knob pressed in for 30 seconds to bleed air out of the gas line. After waiting 5-30 seconds for the pilot light to be primed, and with the control knob still pressed in, click in the pilot ignition button located next to the control knob.

How do you fix a gas fireplace that won’t light?

To do this, hold the pilot button down for about one to three minutes while the air bleeds out. Step 3. If gas is coming out of the pilot, but it still won’t light, the spark igniter could be the problem. Alleyne says to look for and clear out any debris between the igniter and thermocouple.

Why would a gas fireplace suddenly go out?

If you get dust in the pilot assembly and the pilot needs to be cleaned out, it produces a “lazy” flame, which will be disturbed by the draught of the main burners. The flame lifts away from the thermocouple and causes the temperature on the tip of the thermocouple to drop. This, in turn, makes the gas valve shut off.