How does the word mercurial accurately describe Mercutio’s personality?

Mercutio is a fictional character who does not appear in the original version and Shakespeare adds him into the play. Actually, Mercutio’s name is related to the word “mercurial,” meaning “having an unpredictable and fast changing mood,” an accurate description of Page 2 Mercutio’s personality (Wikipedia contributors).

Mercutio was a loyal best friend to the death. He was witty, funny, hotheaded, and perhaps even a bit crude. Romeo was a romantic, while Mercutio did not believe in the idea of true love. It was his loyalty that killed him in the end.

One may also ask, what kind of person is Mercutio in Act 1 Scene 4? As Mercutio, Benvolio, Romeo and others walk to the Capulet’s masquerade party in scene four of the first act, Mercutio shows himself to be a witty, high-spirited storyteller as well as a pragmatist, determined to cajole Romeo out of his sad moping for Rosaline.

Secondly, what is Mercutio’s role?

Mercutio, Romeo’s quick-tempered, witty friend, links the comic and violent action of the play. He is initially presented as a playful rogue who possesses both a brilliant comic capacity and an opportunistic, galvanized approach to love. Later, Mercutio’s death functions as a turning point for the action of the play.

How is Mercutio witty?

Mercutio, the witty skeptic, is a foil for Romeo, the young Petrarchan lover. Mercutio mocks Romeo’s vision of love and the poetic devices he uses to express his emotions: Romeo, Humors! He advocates an adversarial concept of love that contrasts sharply with Romeo’s idealized notion of romantic union.

Is Mercutio a Montague?

Romeo and Juliet Act III Scene I The Death of Romeo’s Friend, Mercutio. He is a close friend to Romeo and a blood relative to Prince Escalus and Count Paris. As such, being neither a Montague nor a Capulet, Mercutio is one of the named characters in the play with the ability to mingle around those of both houses.

What is Mercutio’s fatal flaw?

Mercutio’s tragic flaw is that he exhibits the characteristic Montague anger. This leads to his senseless brawl with Tybalt. As a result, this brawl ultimately costs Mercutio his life.

What type of person is Tybalt?

In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt is the nephew of Lord Capulet and Juliet’s older cousin. We can accurately describe the skilled swordsman as a tough, cocky and aggressive character who is always looking for a fight.

What kind of character is Romeo?

A young man of about sixteen, Romeo is handsome, intelligent, and sensitive. Though impulsive and immature, his idealism and passion make him an extremely likable character. He lives in the middle of a violent feud between his family and the Capulets, but he is not at all interested in violence.

What is Mercutio’s advice to Romeo about love?

Mercutio, on the hand, does not take love seriously at all. He treats love like a joke, as we see in his many witticisms, such as, “You are a lover. Borrow Cupid’s wings / And soar with them above a common bound” (18-19).

What is Romeo’s view on love?

It seems as though Romeo is using Rosaline as an object of affection to satisfy his own longing for love. Romeo’s interpretation of love is ‘fashionable love’. Through this fashionable love Romeo has made himself believe that he is in true love with Rosaline and therefore lusts and longs for her.

What makes Mercutio a memorable character?

Mercutio is remembered for his feelings about love, his words and his friendship with Romeo. Mercutio death played a big part in Romeo’s Life as this caused his wedding day to get ruined and prevented his from joining with Juliet.

Does Mercutio love Romeo?

Mercutio is Romeo’s sword-fight loving BFF, and you probably won’t be surprised to find out that his name sounds a lot like the word “mercurial,” i.e. “volatile,” i.e. “touchy.” He never backs down from a duel and, although he’s neither a Montague nor a Capulet, he gets involved in the long-standing family feud on the

Why is Mercutio a good friend?

Mercutio is Romeo’s best friend. Mercutio likes to have a good laugh, is optimistic, loyal and a good friend. Mercutio makes fun of Romeo when he declares he feels sick because of the love he has for Rosaline. Mercutio ridicules Romeo’s ‘love’ for Rosaline claiming it is false.

Is Romeo and Juliet a comedy?

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, but it does have episodes of humor, particularly in the first two Acts. In fact, if the play had ended after Act II, Scene 6 it would be labeled as a comedy with the marriage of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare’s comedies usually end in a wedding and his tragedies end in death.

Who is the most memorable character in Romeo and Juliet?

Mercutio is the most important character in Romeo and Juliet.

Is Benvolio a Montague?

Benvolio is a fictional character in Shakespeare’s drama Romeo and Juliet. He is Lord Montague’s nephew and Romeo’s cousin. Benvolio serves as an unsuccessful peacemaker in the play, attempting to prevent violence between the Capulet and Montague families.

What is Mercutio’s last name?

Expert Answers info We do not have last names for Benvolio or Mercutio. You might note in an obituary that Benvolio is a nephew of Lord Montague and that he is Romeo’s cousin, and that Mercutio is related to Escalus, the prince of Verona. Mercutio is also a close friend of Romeo’s.

Why is Mercutio dressed as a woman?

He is in the performance, which makes his costume part of the performance. And we all know from high school class, or at least from the movie Shakespeare in Love, that women were not allowed to perform in Shakespeare’s time, so men would perform the women’s roles in plays. MEN WOULD DRESS AS WOMEN.