How long do Pure Romance Parties take?

A Pure Romance party usually lasts about three hours. It might be shorter or longer, depending on how many questions you have for the Consultant—and how much fun you have!

The larger packages come with extra inventory, so you will have products on hand to sell at your first parties. The initial start up fees for being a Pure Romance consultant range from $199 to $1000, depending on which kit you wish to purchase.

Furthermore, how much does a Pure Romance Consultant make? How much does a Consultant make at Pure Romance in the United States? Average Pure Romance Consultant yearly pay in the United States is approximately $33,220, which is 58% below the national average.

Additionally, how long does it take for pure romance to ship?

A track able package is 2-4 days with a tracking number. A non tractable package (1-2 engraved name tags) can however take up to 2 weeks to get to you once it has been shipped due to the high strength magnetic enclosed in the envelope.

What comes in a pure romance starter kit?

All kits include basic business and marketing tools including catalogs, order forms, sample packs, hostess & opportunity brochures, a business website, and a free 90 day trial of the Pure Romance Media Center.

Can you make money selling pure romance?

Two Ways To Make Money With Pure Romance. As you can probably guess, Pure Romance follows the traditional MLM approach. Members earn money by selling the products, mostly through at-home parties. There is also a chance to increase earnings by recruiting other people and growing a team.

Does pure romance ship discreetly?

Well, no more empty bottle freak-out moments, because Pure Romance has an auto ship program called AutoShip! Easy, fast, discreet, and convenient – it’s that simple to make sure you never run out of your Pure Romance favorites!

What do you do at a Passion Party?

For those who don’t know what a Passion Party is, according to Urban Dictionary: “A Passion Party consists of a product host and a gathering of women to learn about products of the sexual nature such as lubricants, vibrators, edible lotions, bath soaps and so on.”

Who is the owner of pure romance?

Patty Brisben

Is pure romance a MLM company?

Pure Romance is a well known network marketing company. It focuses on intimacy products and sexual health education. It is an MLM company dealing with in-home parties. Here, consultants can discretely sell intimate products to their close friends.

What do you do at a Pure Romance party?

What happens at a Pure Romance party? A Pure Romance party gives women the chance to have fun, laugh, and learn in a safe environment. One of our trained Pure Romance Consultants will show you the latest bath and beauty products, as well as premium lubricants and sex toys.

Is pure romance a pyramid scheme?

No. Pure Romance is not a pyramid scheme. Many people consider all MLM companies to be pyramid schemes because they involve people getting paid to recruit more people into the company.

What is pure romance company?

Pure Romance LLC sells intimacy products. The Company provides relationship enhancement products and services, including lingerie, bedroom accessories, and beauty products. Pure Romance serves customers throughout the world.

Who is the CEO of Pure Romance?

Chris Cicchinelli

When was pure romance founded?