How much does it cost to ride a donkey in Santorini?

How much is a donkey ride from Santorini old port to Fira? Donkeys are able to take one person, or your luggage if you want to walk along side the donkey. It costs 5€ per donkey one-way.

The 3 simple steps to your Santorini donkey ride!

  1. Sent us an email. Let us know the Date & Time for your Donkey ride and we’ll go from there!
  2. Pay the Small deposit. To secure your Santorini donkey ride we require a small, typical deposit.
  3. Meet & Ride! Meet us at the arranged location and let’s begin riding!

Beside above, how long is the donkey trail in Santorini? The donkey path to and from Fira is pprox 600 steps. This path is extremely dangerous and very slippery with general wear and tear and also donkey urine and excrement. If walking, you’ll also have to contend with donkeys going up and down the path.

Then, is Donkey riding in Santorini cruel?

Greek island accused of abusing its star attraction: donkeys. Donkeys may be used to carrying heavy loads. However on the island of Santorini they’re being abused by local handlers and tourists. Animal rights activists want to save the endangered species.

Are the donkeys in Santorini looked after?

Younger owners, especially, have understood that they need to be looked after.” Santorini also took the unprecedented step to make it illegal for owners of the donkeys to allow animals to carry more than 220 lbs of either humans or cargo. Thankfully, the donkeys are not the only way up the steep hills of Santorini.

How much is the cable car in Santorini?

How much is a cable car from Santorini old port to Fira? The cable car costs 5€ for an adult one-way ticket, 2.5€ for children under 5 years old and 2.5€ for large luggage.

How many steps up to Fira?

587 steps

How many steps is the Santorini donkey trail?

The roughly 360 donkeys and mules that work as tourist “taxis” on the island are forced to climb up and back down a pathway with around 600 steep steps, making as many as seven trips a day between 9 o’clock in the morning and sunset.

Does Santorini steep?

This is a more accurate depiction as Santorini features steep elevations. Yes, that means slopes, stairs and zero escalators to help you out!

How many steps are there to the top of Santorini?

Visit Santorini and why you should consider walking the 588 steps of the old Karavolades stairs! The Greek islands of Santorini are very popular among tourists. We all recognize the beautiful pictures of the blue/white houses on top of the cliff.

Is it OK to ride a donkey?

Children can ride any sized donkey, as donkeys have big bones for their size. That said, not as many donkeys are trained as riding animals in the US. They mature slower (mentally and physically) than horses and shouldn’t be ridden too much before five years old. The big element is the supposed stubbornness of donkeys.

Can you ride mules?

People choose to ride mules: they are not forced to. Unfortunately, the general public (and a lot of equestrians) have not been around many mules and are just a bit ignorant about the horse’s long-eared cousin. Here are some of the many comments you’ll hear when riding your mule.

When was the Santorini cable car built?

Its construction started in the autumn of 1980 and it was complete by the summer of 1982.

Where can I ride a donkey in Greece?

Common Places to Ride a Donkey in Greece In some populated areas, such as Fira, there are several options for getting to the top. In others, such as Oia, your only real choices are to take a donkey to the top or to walk. No matter where you are on Santorini, you’ll want to consider taking a donkey at least once.

Do donkeys buck?

However, Buck’s behavior is pretty normal for a donkey. Farmers often keep donkeys with their livestock, particularly cows and horses, because donkeys don’t take any sh** from coyotes. They’ll stomp on, and buck, intruding coyotes to death, or they’ll warn the rest of the herd by braying. Not all donkeys do, though.

How much is a taxi from Fira to Kamari?

A taxi from the port of Athinios to Fira costs €10 to €15, and a trip from Fira to Oia about €15. Expect to add €2 if the taxi is booked ahead or if you have luggage. A taxi to Kamari is about €15, to Perissa €18 and to Ancient Thira about €25 one-way.