Is I am somebody’s child based on a true story?

I Am Somebody’s Child is based on a true story and dramatizes the life of author Regina Louise who, according to Chicago Tribune, ended up in the foster care system after being abandoned and abused by everyone in her life. A man, presumably her father, signs over his rights and leaves Regina at the shelter with Jeanne.

A woman tries to adopt an African-American girl, but due to a racially motivated ruling, the two are forced apart. The woman does not give up on the girl and continues to be her lifeline until they can be reunited.

did Regina Louise ever get adopted? An orphan no more — foster kid finds mom / Woman, 40, adopted in Contra Costa by the mother she was denied 30 years ago. Regina Louise Ollison was 40 years old with a 17-year-old son of her own when she became, after a lifetime as an orphan, somebody’s child. Regina was never adopted and left foster care at age 18.

Consequently, who is the Regina Louise Story?

Regina Louise (Angela Fairley) is a girl who has been placed in 30 foster homes and psychiatric facilities before the age of 18. A woman named Jeanne Kerr (Ginnifer Goodwin) wants to adopt her only to be denied because of the racially-motivated ruling.

Is Regina Louise Story True?

Q&A with Regina Louise, author of Someone Has Led This Child to Believe. Cozy up with a good book this fall: Someone Has Led This Child to Believe, Regina Louise’s unflinching, unforgettable true story of overcoming neglect in the US foster-care system, is the memoir you’ve been waiting for.

How long is I am somebody’s child?

1h 27m

Who said Im somebody?

“I Am – Somebody” is a poem written in the 1950s by Reverend William Holmes Borders, Sr., senior pastor at Wheat Street Baptist Church and civil rights activist in Atlanta, GA. The poem is often recited by Reverend Jesse Jackson.

How old is Regina Louise?

56 years (May 2, 1963)

Is Regina Louise still alive?

Louise lived in over 30 foster homes, group homes and psychiatric facilities before age 18. She now speaks and coaches organizations and individuals on issues of trauma and personal development, and is a foster care abolitionist. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who were Regina Louise parents?

Tom Brock Jeanne Kerr-Taylor

Where is Regina Louise biological mother?

Louise was a toddler when her biological mother left her in Austin, Texas, in the care of a woman who took in kids. Her father only vaguely knew she existed. Louise often was mistreated. Rejected by her parents, she ended up in California’s foster care system.

Who was Regina Louise father?

Tom Brock