What is a torsion axle on a boat trailer?

Torsion axles are a type of suspension for trailers that eliminate the need for leaf springs. They work by flexing rubber cords in the axle tube to create torsion and flex creating suspension for the trailer.

TORSION AXLE: The stiff competitor of the Leaf Spring Axle, is known as the Torsion Axle. Torsion axles mount directly to the trailer’s frame and are made up of thick rubber cords concealed inside the axle’s tubing. These cords are created to resist torsion and create suspension.

Likewise, are torsion axles any good? Torsion utility trailer axles offer a smoother ride and less maintenance. Leaf springs are more durable, less expensive and far easier to replace parts on. Whichever you choose, you’ll see the best results by properly loading your trailer with the aim of getting the most wear out of the system you pick.

Regarding this, do torsion axles wear out?

Torsion axles may not fall off as they get older but the suspension in them does not last forever. The rubber inside the torsion axles wears out. As it does, it loses its ability to hold the axles up as high as it once had.

What are the best trailer axles?

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Are torsion axles adjustable?

Torsion axles have a straightforward, attached construction with adjustable ride height and a rubberized suspension system. Because of their attached construction, torsion axles do not have replaceable or repairable parts to deal with when they break.

What are drop axles on trailers?

A dropped axle is the axle of a vehicle that is bent upwards towards the ends, i.e. the centre is ‘dropped’. Their ultimate development was in the float or milk float, where a dropped axle was used to give a low load bed for easy loading of churns or similar unstable liquid cargo.

How do rubber torsion axles work?

Torsion axles work by using rubber cords or cartridges inside the axle tube to handle suspension travel and shock absorption. Torsion axles do not use leaf springs, but instead the compression of the rubber to supply the suspension support needed. Each wheel works independently from one another.

Is torsion bar suspension good?

The main advantages of a torsion bar suspension are soft ride due to elasticity of the bar, durability, easy adjustability of ride height, and small profile along the width of the vehicle. A disadvantage is that torsion bars, unlike coil springs, usually cannot provide a progressive spring rate.

Can torsion axles be repaired?

Torsion axles use internal rubber cords to provide the suspension motion and they really are not practical to repair/rebuild. Certainly any axle that was damaged in an accident should be replaced purely for safety reasons.

How do I know if my torsion axle is bad?

If the deflection, or amount of travel of the wheels, on the torsion axle has increased, caused the trailer to bottom out, or is not the same on each side then that would be a good indication that something is wrong. Having the weight off of the tires if the trailer will be sitting in the off season is not a bad idea.

Can you flip a torsion axle?

No, you cannot flip the axle(flipping axle, figure of speech), because your trailer has a torsion suspension, but your can change the ride hight for more ground clearance.

Can I flip my leaf springs?

Leaf springs are normally mounted on top of the rear axle; however, 3 to 4 inches lower can be achieved by flipping the mounts over so they rest on the bottom of the axle. Flip the mount to the lower side of the axle and then tighten the leaf springs back down into place.

Can torsion bars be adjusted?

Adjust the torsion bar. Turning the adjustment bolt clockwise will tighten it, raising the amount of load that can be placed on the bar. This will raise the vehicle when it is taken off the jack stand. Turning it counterclockwise will lower the available spring rate and cause the car to sit lower.

What is the purpose of a torsion bar?

The torsion bar is basically a length of metal rod anchored at one end to the car body and at the other end to the suspension lower link. As the wheel passes over a bump the bar twists. It returns to its original position when the bump is passed and restores the car to its normal drive height.

What are the different types of trailer axles?

There are three axle types. Straight axles: These types of axles are nothing more than a straight square or round bar. Drop axles: Drop axles possess offset spindles and drop slightly lower than a straight axle. These components include: Frame. Axle. Spindles. Bearings. Hubs. Tires. Wheels. Springs.